They loved it...

 What do you guys like best? Horror or Comedy?

 I personally go for the second option. But I know that horror is a lot more succesful.

 Quite simple- there is slapstick humor, splatstick humor, dark humor and so on. Some people might laugh their ass off at a movie, while others might fall asleep. That's the problem with comedy.
 However, the horror genre is a lot easier to do as well. You just tell a guy that a lunatic who went bananas is in their house and if you do it good enough they'll find it difficult to sleep the following night.

 As you might know, there is a movie i'm making about the C2 buildings and Von D- Just like Von D is now shooting a documentary about his "ingenuity", and those guys out there believe him. It's gonna be a horror comedy and I'm telling you I got a few critics and a production company and they thought the story might be scarier than Paranormal Activity. We've almost finished it and it's gonna be in theatres this August.

 BUT that is a long while. So untill then we'll have a limited edition DVD that will be out in... say a week or two. This version also has the true story that inspired this website and the movie itself. Everybody says it kicks ASS to Paranormal Activity.

 And it has nothing to to with the teaser on youtube. The actual teaser will be here soon. No sign of the guy in the bushes though. I know he was there...

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