Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Greetings from SZBOLT! It's around midnight, right now. I know I'm kinda wanted by some asshole called Von D. or something, but he's like a million miles away from me right now. Now before I start messin with ur brains or something, I just wanna tell you(and D or whatever his name is), that I'm no longer a potential enemy for Europe(right D, like you can tell the difference between Europe and Australia).
     The doctors in here are too "busy" to notice anything, it seems. Now back to the story- in 1991, when I was five I tried to sell lemonade. A dumb cop came to me, said I didn't have a proper licence and arrested me(yes, at my age). Later on, in 1998, a similar looking guy(Von D) got me with the help of some agents. Some doctors claimed I had a rare disease uncovered by Von D himself. I knew I was sane. I made my way out. At least I managed to get this short footage(I improved the quality) narrated by Von D, showing actual people as the search for me took place. I'm trying to download the whole files on this PC and hopefully put them into a 30- something minute film. Maybe one day the world will know what actually happened at the C2 quarantine about twenty years ago.(watch it very carefully and please let me know if you see a strange face in the bushes. WARNING: MIGHT BE DISTURBING)    Better go to bed now so the nurse who checks on me doesn't get suspicious. Keep ya posted.

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