Sunday, May 20, 2012

While in jail

  I heard this from a former inmate.
 An old man's son was in jail. Usually, they'd dig up the garden together in order to plant tomatoes. The man wasn't so strong any longer. He wrote a letter to his son, where he stated that- he cannot plant tomatoes by himself as the soil is a little too rough.

 His son's response:


 Please don't dig up the garden as that is where the bodies are buried.

 Thank you.

 Since the prison mail is always checked, they sent patrol cars, the FBI, choppers and whatever else to the father's house. They dug up the whole garden but found nothing. They apologised for the damage and left.

 His son then wrote:


 Under these circumstances, this was all that I could do.
 Good luck with your tomatoes.


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